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Visionary Green

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Mission Statement

Visionary Green is an expression of founder Kimberly Call’s passion for peace, global health and environmental sustainability.

Kimberly Call is a lifelong activist and educator, 28-year visionary consultant and designer, and a 30-year Holistic Health Coach in wellness living, personal growth and transformational work. She is a lifelong pioneer in the global LOHAS Movement (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability).

To all Visionary Green projects, Kimberly brings her masteries in design and consulting, visionary trends-prediction, art and image, marketing and branding, intuitive and healing work, her lifelong holistic lifestyle practices, resolute environmental stands, and indepth training in transformational work. She translates them into strategic and inspirational recommendations for personal, social and planetary benefit.

Visionary Green is currently working in these three areas:

1. Series of Wellness Living Books - Kimberly has written, published and promoted the first in her series of “Wellness Living” books - “Morning Rituals - How We Awaken”, self-published in July 2011, now on Amazon, with testimonials from eight best-selling authors and leaders in their fields. Kimberly’s books are illustrated with her original nature inspired photography which is intended to provide an image-based approach to her lifestyle message. Kimberly utilizes PSE (Pictorial Superiority Effect) and images of beauty which are confirmed by brain science to stimulate frontal brain centers considered to be the areas of heightened intelligence. Her goal is to “awaken consciousness” and evoke new awareness in her readers through conveying the essence and spirit of actual lifestyle practices.

A part of Kimberly’s mission as a Green Certified Business is to take a “fell no trees” stand for her books to be published on 100% recycled or tree-free paper and she is seeking a green publisher for this.

Her second book, “Semi-Raw - the Omnivore’s Solution” is being written now and is aligned with the surging trend in raw foods. Her third book, “Raw Beauty” will complete a trilogy of quality gift books aimed for the upscale spa/resort/health center/yoga studio retail market. International workshops, speaking engagements and events will follow.

2. Green Business Image and Market Consulting - Kimberly provides pro bono and sliding scale LOHAS visionary consulting, design, trends and marketing advice to businesses to help them take “the next green step” in their products and services. Kimberly particularly aims to serve merchants in her areas of expertise of food, health and lifestyle trends.

3. SAP: Sugar Alternatives Pledge (working title) - Kimberly is organizing an alliance of SF Bay Area food artisans, enterprises and entrepreneurs who pledge to provide at least one product in their line with no refined cane or beet sugar. As a Holistic Health Coach and educator, Kimberly advocates healthy unrefined alternative sweeteners and shows businesses how to make the change. As the web presence and promotion of this group grows, the public will begin to ask for more healthy sweeteners and their availability will become more widespread. SAP will particularly promote longer lived tree-based sources of sweeteners - providing the benefit of a forest oxygenating the atmosphere and providing ecosystem habitat - rather than the “slash and burn” annual crops that contribute to global warming. Coconut sugar, for example, uses 20% of the environmental resources of cane sugar. Greener sweeteners mean a greener planet.

Kimberly provides inspirational speaking engagements and keynotes on Wellness Living topics for charitable causes such as the American Red Cross, Go Red for Women, and Breast Cancer Connections, and local community festivals and fund-raisers.

She is an environmental activist in her own community of Marin County, CA, a supporting member of leading Marin, national and international organic, environmental and social justice non-profits, a local Parks and Recreation Commissioner, an avid outdoors woman and nature photographer; organic chef and gardener.

Kimberly is seeking donors for funding of these Visionary Green projects and future projects and she welcomes the opportunity to discuss them with potential allies and partners.

Visionary Green is a registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit, registered in the State of California.

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